SSS Factory Outlet - sale bin

$ 5.00 $ 20.00

Skipping Stone Soap Factory Outlet. Our products are all handcrafted and "perfectly imperfect" by nature but we always get a few too-imperfect bars as we produce a lot of soaps.

All issues with the products are cosmetic and nothing wrong with the quality. Please note our factory outlet items will be shipped "plain-wrapped" without labels or bands. They are offered at greatly reduced prices. A limited quantity is available.

Factory Outlet Items (with some imperfection, sold as is):
1. Roncesvalles Soap (some discolourations) SOLD OUT
2. Roncesvalles Mini Soap (half size) SOLD OUT
3. Shooting Star Mini Soap (half size) SOLD OUT
4. Pure. Charcoal+Salt Soap (some discolourations)
5. Lemonade Stand Shampoo Bar (irregular shape) SOLD OUT
6. Bayside Shampoo Bar (irregular shape) SOLD OUT
7. Pure. Unscented Shampoo Bar (irregular shape) SOLD OUT
8. Spearmint Indigo Soap (prototype of a brand-new "Snowmelt" soap, body+face soap scented with fresh spearmint/lime essential oils. This version has no menthol. Beautiful white/light blue swirls)

Note: These products are only offered "AS IS". Once they are sold out, there will be no incoming stock. The back-in-stock notification won't be sent.