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SSS Factory Outlet - sale bin

SSS Factory Outlet - sale bin

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Get a random "outlet" bar bundle for a great price! (Approx. 3-4 full-size bars about 400g) Limit 1 per purchase.

Our products are handcrafted and "perfectly imperfect" by nature but we always get a few too-imperfect bars as we produce a lot of soaps.

Blemishes, uneven colours, dents, and end pieces. All issues with the products are cosmetic and nothing wrong with the quality. The bundle could be a mixture of Body + Face Soap and/or Shampoo Bars. Please note our factory outlet items will be shipped "plain-wrapped" without labels or bands. A limited quantity is available.

Note: These products are only offered "AS IS". Once they are sold out, there will be no incoming stock. The back-in-stock notification won't be sent.

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