Greetings from the shop owner

Hello. My name is Masa Chiba and I am the soapmaker/owner of Skipping Stone Soap.

I grew up beside a small clean river in a small country side town on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. When we (as our generation. I am in my 40s) were kids, we used to play around water in nature (rivers, ponds, lakes and the sea) without any concerns of toxic chemicals. Water was clean and filled with small fish and creatures. A fond memory of my childhood was always so close to the nature – a simpler, purer and safer environment.

Nowadays, our living environment is filled with toxins even in the country side and kids aren't safe playing around our waterways. After seeing the changes and impacts to our environment throughout my life, I am more convinced that our body care products should be 100% natural without any synthetic chemicals so they don't end up in our bodies and water systems.

A close friend of mine introduced me to soap making using natural ingredients over 10 years ago. The quality of the soap was so good that I couldn't believe it was handmade! I have been making natural soaps ever since. They are so great on skin my family and friends love them. My passion is to create something good, gentle for the environment and something I can share with you. Your skin will love it, too.

The name of my soap shop, skipping stone, is what everyone loves doing. By the lake, a rocky shore or by a slow flowing river, you look for a flat round shaped stone. Throw it so that it jumps on the water surface and you count how many times it skips. We used to play all the time. It reminds me of my happy childhood and our close connection with clean natural water. We were all born from water. And water nourishes all lives on the planet. Our responsibility is to be mindful of the effect our daily lives make to our environment and to make better choices. At Skipping Stone Soap, my commitment is to bring safe clean natural products to my customers. I want to bring back those beautiful times to our kids and their kids' generations. One soap at a time. That's why I named my company "Skipping Stone Soap".

Welcome and happy shopping!


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