Handcrafted in Small Batches

At Skipping Stone Soap, we make all of our soaps and shampoo bars in small batches using a cold process method. With cold processing, heat is not required to make the soap. We use high quality plant-based natural ingredients that are rich in enzymes, vitamins, and micro-nutrients. To preserve the benefits of these ingredients, we believe the cold process method is the most ideal method.

We mix distilled water and our original recipe of plant-based oils along with a sodium hydroxide (lye) to turn mixture into soap. Sodium hydroxide is a traditional alkaline chemical made from salt water and is mainly used in the manufacturing of pulp, paper, textiles, drinking water, hair products, biofuels, and soaps. All real soaps require sodium hydroxide in production. When oils are mixed with a lye solution, a process called "saponification" happens. This produces two products – soap and glycerin. With our recipes, 100% of the lye in the mixture becomes soap. There is absolutely no lye remaining in the final products.

We then add essential oils and natural additives such as ground oatmeal, green tea powder, charcoal powder, clay, etc. as well as a few drops of rosemary leaf extract as a natural antioxidant. The mixture is hand-blended and poured into molds. After a day or two, the soap is unmolded, cut into bars and cured for a minimum of four weeks before it’s ready to be used. Each bar is meticulously finished, examined and packaged with minimal paper labels. All processes are completed by hand with care, experience and love. It is a part science, a part traditional craft, and a part artistic expression.

We believe that everyday skin care products should be beautiful to look at, work beautifully on your skin, as well as keep our environment safe and clean for generations. We care and we hope it shows. Try our handcrafted soap and we hope you will feel the same.


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