3 new products!

3 new products!

This past few months we've been testing out new products and they are finally ready! We are excited to introduce a new shampoo bar, as well as 2 new "I Love T.O." soaps!

This new shampoo bar is called "Bayside" and we've borrowed our popular "Riverside" soap's modern floral scent and updated it to suit the unique recipe of the shampoo bar. It's got vitamin and mineral-rich kelp powder for a healthy scalp and strengthen the hair. French pink clay for soft colour and gentle cleanse. We've reduced the amounts of hard oils (the oils that are solid at room temperature) so that it would rinse off easily. This makes your hair feel lighter after wash. And of course, lots of raw honey from our friend Bee Local 416 and organic Moroccan argan oil were added to give its superior nourishing character our shampoo bars are known for. I love the look, the bright floral scent, and the feel of this new shampoo bar during and after the shower. Sold individually and 2-bar starter set.

In addition to the shampoo bar, we've added 2 new soaps that are named after our neighbourhoods, "Roncesvalles" and "High Park". In fact, we've never mentioned before but our "Riverside" soap was named after the east side neighbourhood of Toronto, too. For now, these 3 soaps are within "the Essential" collection but soon will be under the "I Love T.O." collection and we'll be adding new ones going forward.

When we decided to make the "Roncesvalles" soap, we brainstormed about our neighbourhood and things like being Polish community, the fact that there are many fruits/flower vendors, and being on a route of iconic streetcars came up. Translating those into a bar soap was really fun! From the very beginning, we wanted to make this bar a two-tone solid block design. My first impression colour of the neighbourhood was reddish tone. The secondary colour was dark grey. And later we realized it was coincidentally similar to a Polish flag.


For the other soap "High Park", the story is a bit different. We've made a dozen or so different beer soaps in the past. We wanted to give our "The Brewery" craft beer soap series a new identity. All these craft brewers create very unique beers but once we make soap with them you can't really feel the difference on the skin. They've all become "beer soap". Maybe we better treat these craft beers as one of the very local ingredients and incorporate into the neighbourhood themed soap instead. So we used High Park Brewery's lager for our new "High Park" soap. A bit unique earthy scent coming from the beer and we complemented it with citrus and herbaceous notes. Green is a tricky colour to achieve with all natural ingredients but we think we found a good solution for this.

We are excited to introduce these new products. Try them for yourself and let us know what you think of them.

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