Featured soap : PURE Charcoal Soap

I get asked quite often which soap bars are our most popular. The answer is definitely the Shooting Star Body + Face Soap and Starry Night Shampoo Bar both of which are made with activated Charcoal. Both of these have the dark charcoal grey look with white confetti mixed with the soap and they look quite lovely, so no wonder they are our most popular items.

And sometimes we get requests for these made with different scent or unscented. With a blend of citrus, flower, and wood notes, it's one of our most unique scents we offer. And scents are quite a subjective thing, some people love it and some people don't. Technically we can make any of our products scent-free or switch to some different scents.

Since we offer PURE unscented collection in a limited variety, we thought charcoal soap would be a great addition. We wanted to make it as simple and pure as possible, so we added activated charcoal powder to our popular PURE original recipe, and also a generous amount of French grey sea salt to enhance the detoxifying quality of charcoal, but not as much to make the soap harsh on the skin as the typical "salt soap".

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