Introducing new Pick Five+ (PLUS) single-page order

Our "Pick Five" 5-bar set has been very popular. You can choose 5 of what you like for a discounted price. However, shopping experience with the old Pick Five wasn't so easy and the availability of the products wasn't reflected, so we needed to talk to our customers when something was out of stock.

We've decided to make it much easier to place multiple bar order with "Pick Five+ (PLUS)" single-page order. You can make a bundle of 5 or more bars and the discount applies to the whole selection up to 20 bars. And more you buy, the greater the discount will be. You don't have to type in your selection in the comment field any more. The ordering on the page is quick and easy. Only the available products are displayed so you don't have to wonder if anything is sold out. Give it a try today.

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