Introducing shampoo bar set

Introducing shampoo bar set

One of our best sellers is all-natural handcrafted shampoo bars. We receive many great reviews and our customers love them. All three kinds of our shampoo bars are made only with premium plant-based oils and butters such as argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. To make each kind unique, some include macadamia nut oil or sweet almond oil, licorice root extract or activated charcoal, or some raw honey from our friend Bee Local 416.

They produce very creamy lather to gently cleanse scalp and hair, and leave no chemical residue like regular shampoos and conditioners. Also, shampoo bars are solid and there's no water, bacterias can't grow and preservative is not necessary. There is no need for a conditioner, though you can easily make your own with apple cider vinegar if you ever feel your hair needs a conditioning. ACV conditioner works especially well with natural soap shampoo bars. If you are interested, here is a good article on apple cider vinegar hair rinse from Coconuts & Kettlebells.)

No wonder our shampoo bars are so popular because there are so many great things about using all natural products instead of chemically loaded liquid detergent on your hair. So now we are introducing 2 shampoo bar set as a trial package for people who are looking for a change. If you've been using conventional liquid shampoos for years, there could be a transitional stage when your hair goes through some unusual behavior. Trying shampoo bars for at least a month is a great start and 2 bars should easily last for that period.

Of course, you can order multiple sets if you'd like more as well as a repeat purchase.

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