New! Soap Sampler Box

New! Soap Sampler Box

Holidays are fast approaching and one last thing on our mind is getting ready for our guests' bathroom use. Either for yourself or someone you are visiting, a box of guest sized handmade soap is a very useful and thoughtful item that leaves a great impression.

We are bringing back our popular guest sized soap bars as a Sampler Box. 16 of our various bars are placed in a reusable craft paper box for convenient storage. It's a great way to try most of our soap offerings as well as a gift for someone you care for and don't know what kind of scents she/he likes. Also, the Sampler Box is a must have for an Airbnb host. One soap is about the same size as those hotel soap and it should last for several showers or more. What's better than a locally made all-natural soap for your guest?

At home, we place several of these in a medium bowl with river rocks at the bottom and use as hand soap so that we can alternate each time to keep them dry. It looks pretty as well as it works.

The quantities are limited. Get yours today!

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