SSS Factory Outlet

SSS Factory Outlet

I love to find crooked cucumbers, bananas with lots of black dots, day-old croissants, or end-piece Baumkuchen cake piled in a plastic bag. I like a bargain of course but the attraction for me is that they are not available all the time and I can only get those by chance.

Now I have this online soap shop and from time to time I produce not-so-perfect soap. They go into a "soap give away" box. Those soaps are used at home and given away to family and friends. As we produce lots of soaps these days (and some more mistakes made) 1 box has now expanded to 4 boxes. It's impossible to use them all. 

Probably almost all of these imperfect soap bars are only there because of some cosmetic issues. For example, when I was making Starry Night shampoo bar, the mixture started to become too thick in the mixing pot and air bubbles couldn't escape after poured in the molds. Or soap mixture got even thicker in the mixing pot so I have decided to stick my hand in, scoop up and rolled in my hands to form balls. Now you get the chance to get those odd pieces at our "factory Outlet".

All products are tested and confirmed safe to use. Actually, the quality of soaps and shampoo bars are the same as our regular products. We also added some discontinued soap bars at a greatly discounted price.

If you don't mind imperfect products and if you like to discover that odd stuff in the sale bin like me, go check out our new outlet page.

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